Ciricea, a jewel nestled in the heart of the Apennines. A community that has captivated us with its contagious joy, the kitchen bustling with both young and old, especially in the evening as dinner time approaches, always delicious and abundant, announced by the sound of the horn. A community capable of organizing engaging holistic events connected to self-care, relationships, and nature, which are a source of inspiration and an opportunity for deepening for many souls near and far from them.


Ciricea is a tribe where every age is represented – from 0 to 80 years old – and is composed of families, mothers with children, and singles who decide, grow together, and co-create in a circle. Ciricea is a forge of creativity, a workshop of self-productions – soaps, cookies, essential oils – a laboratory of humanity.


Ciricea, from its historical headquarters in Villa di Piteccio, has moved to Tarole, joining forces with the twin community born a couple of years ago and still evolving: immersed in the greenest and deepest forest, it is a place that gives the opportunity to regenerate in contact with nature under the gentle care of two centuries-old chestnut trees, the fir grove, the vegetable gardens, the greenhouses, the mud house, the delightful spring water.


In these realities, we have felt warmly welcomed and cannot wait to return.


To contact Ciricea/Tarole:

Facebook: Ecovillaggio Ciricea