Our journey will conclude in Avalon, another magical territory inhabited by Elves, with a landscape quite different from the mountain valleys where we first encountered their settlements.

To describe this stage, we are accompanied by the words of Giorgia Lattuca, facilitator and former co-president of RIVE, who lived in Avalon for years:

“The May fireflies reflected in Mario’s eyes. Humanity in all its chromatic nuances, between light and shadow, unveiled. The forest embracing the olive grove and vegetable gardens, like a cradle. The boys and girls born and raised in those woods, who can read reality with wise and curious eyes. The sense of home, a home for everyone. Dancing around the fire to music from all over. Wild herbs drying, the cherry tree, the bitter orange tree, the cats, the dogs, the chickens, and the piglet Zigo. The oven coming to life, like sourdough, when there’s a celebration. The story of a passerby, the memories of a time that continues to leave a mark: the mark of a multicolored people, without borders, united by the desire to shine in the infinite potential of wonder that each creature possesses.”