The “Eremo dei Cavalieri” (The Hermitage of the Knights) is the name given to an ancient structure immersed in the pristine nature of Vallimentra, in the Alto Reno Tosco Emiliano, also known as the Italian Alto Reno, amid forests, fields, and watercourses.

Over the years, it has been conservatively secured to preserve the evident traces of the people who inhabited it since ancient times.

It has a remote history and also a profound and significant current story.

Around the Eremo dei Cavalieri, through numerous projects and activities, a lively and active widespread community develops.

We became aware of the Hermitage thanks to Alfredo and Chiara, the custodians of this place, which orbits around the Valle degli Elfi, supporting activities mainly in Campori. The love for the territory and the passion for the guardianship and care of the Hermitage have led us to include this reality in the journey.