Casa Yana is a place of Prayer, Peace, Introspection, Sharing, Art, Knowledge, and Nature.

It’s a place to reconnect, where simply crossing the threshold triggers the loving memory of the Inner Healer.

A place where trees and stones start speaking again, where we return to being Human, in the simplicity and splendor of our ontology.

A place to share hearts and sow all the highest Dreams of Humanity, so they may bloom in the most wonderful colors.

Here, we practice and transmit the knowledge of ancient Earth Medicines, the hermetic healing arts of Spagyria, occult cosmology, and spiritual practices such as Soul Reading and the Tibetan Master.

We spread the teachings of Quantum Astrology, the Law of Time, and the Mayan Calendar.

We engage in family constellations, shamanism, anthropology, human cultural encounters, and communication.

We share music, sound therapy, drum circles, healing astro-musical experiments, painting, theater, dance, body research, and movement in nature.

We work in inner and outer Permaculture, caring for organic orchards and biodynamic vegetable gardens, and in electroculture. We produce oil from our olive grove and self-finance through the sale of some of our agricultural products.

We pass on the knowledge of wild herbs and plants, archetypal and spiritual, herbalism, medicinal, food, and territorial recognition.

We cultivate and transform aromatic and medicinal herbs into cosmetics and herbal products, passing on the art of self-production of cosmetics, herbalism, food, household detergents, and body soaps.

We cultivate the art of the Spoken Word and the Circle, community and collaborative relationships within the household and the territory, from the neighborhood to national and international relations with other communities and wonderful projects in Italy and around the world, with the intention of weaving an ever stronger One Great Prayer, each in their own ways and forms.

A fundamental part of our vocation is precisely to weave an ever brighter and larger Network, and to be one of the points on this great map that can be called Home, where we can meet, share, propose seminars and meetings, collaborate, dream, and rewrite the World with the eyes of the Heart.


To contact Casa Yana:

Facebook: Jana Giardino del Sole
Tel: +39 345 799 1804

Se sognate di immergervi in una comunità giovane e vibrante, Casa Yana è il vostro rifugio. Situata a Lama di Reno sull’Appennino Emiliano, Casa Yana è un portale verso uno stile di vita connesso con la natura e con un forte senso di comunità.

Casa Yana è il risultato di un sogno condiviso da un gruppo di giovani che desiderano vivere in armonia con la terra e tra loro ed è un’oasi di sperimentazione sociale, ecologica e culturale.

Alla base della filosofia della comunità c’è il rispetto per l’ambiente e per le persone che lo abitano: si promuove uno stile di vita sostenibile nel rispetto della natura.