We will begin our journey at the Progetto Meraki ecovillage in Monzuno (BO), a place immersed in nature where harmony and sustainability are the order of the day.

The Meraki ecovillage was founded by a group of people with a great passion for nature, human relationships, and spirituality. They have fostered a welcoming atmosphere where each community member finds a balance between serving the common project, developing their talents, and leisure time.

It is an ecovillage that has always paid special attention to walking and walkers, both because Carlo Taglia Vagamondo (one of the founders) completed a 528-day journey around the world on foot without airplanes, and because Meraki is nestled on the Via degli Dei (The Way of the Gods), the route that connects Bologna to Florence.

During the visit, we will discover the community and hear the stories of those who live there.

This experience will profoundly enrich us and immerse us immediately in an atmosphere of attention and respect for nature and life.


To contact Meraki:

Website: Progetto Meraki
Facebook: Progetto Meraki
Email: info@progettomeraki.com