Nabhi“, born as a place dedicated to yoga and inner exploration, will wonderfully welcome our exploration of presence and silence.

The audacity of the two founders, Ravijit Kaur and Luca Zanoni, has over time been accompanied by the desire to build a dispersed community in the area. So, since we first visited Nabhi in October, we will find a larger group that now collaborates regularly with the community.

It will be an opportunity to nourish body and soul surrounded by comfortable environments and food prepared with care and love, and we will also have access to their beautiful yoga hall.

The community is also at the forefront of nature conservation and has managed to reclaim 15 hectares of land adjacent to the structure from hunting.

To contact Nabhi:

Website: Nabhi
Facebook: Nabhi – Centro della Terra
Tel: +39 328 26 82 596    +39 349 86 90 832